Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Toffifee is a plant that we made up while me and megan were in the car eating taffy we got the idea from the name on the box "Toffifee" after that we started making things up about it and the toffifee was born! here are a few toffifee facts.

-toffifee originated when the spices around Tutankhamen's body started to mutate creating toffifee.

-when the toffifee plant grows to full size it grows a toffefee fruit, when the fruit fall of the plant they walk to a new location and bury themselves creating a new plant!

-toffifees make good pets if you catch one before it buries itself.

-toffifees only eat other toffifees but they only eat half a toffifee a meal.

-toffifees can grow back any body part overnight.

- eating a toffifee causes the eater to grow another limb, amputees use toffifees to get there limbs back but if you eat more toffifees then limbs you need then you will end up with to many limbs

-the only thing that can kill a toffifee is coke or heat.

-a toffifees favorite thing to do is ride in a helicopter.

-the only thing a toffifees are afraid of are fake cats.

-if you wan't to keep toffifees in or out of your house put fake cats at all your doors.

-scientists are trying to find a way to kill toffifees but everyone knows they just don't tell the

-what do toffifees look like? I think you can imagin.

If I see one I will take a picture.


  1. Why do they try to get into people's houses? I thought they were too busy burying themselves.

  2. They don't always bury themselves. :)